Odessa City Councilman Malcolm Hamilton tells woman to 'go die'

Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 6:39 PM CST
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Odessa City Councilman Malcolm Hamilton is well known for his hot temper and on Monday night, his rage turned toward a constituent.

Hamilton has already made headlines several times recently for his fiery confrontations.

A police officer is now stationed at Odessa City Hall after he reportedly shouted down a city co-worker.

Only a few weeks later, Hamilton cussed out an Odessa American reporter calling him a homosexual and his boss the b word.

Norma Alvarez said she’s tired of Hamilton’s antics and decided to speak her mind.

“I just want to tell him he’s I don’t believe he’s worthy to be a city official the way he acts and talks,” Alvarez said.

On Facebook messenger, Alvarez told Hamilton his behavior is a “disgrace” to the city and says she’s not afraid of him for being “big and black.”

The exchange only heated up from there.

Hamilton wrote back telling Alvarez to “please go die somewhere.”

CBS7 spoke to Hamilton on the phone and the councilman stood by his words saying Alvarez deserved it for insulting him first.

“She had very ill words to say to me so I said ill words back to her,” Hamilton said. “I live by the passage of do unto others as thou will have done unto thyself and you can clearly see she started with me.”

The Odessa American reported this week that city council is discussing instituting a new "code of ethics" for themselves—but no one would confirm if they're mainly meant for Malcolm Hamilton.