Odessa Church raises Christian flag over American Flag

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ODESSA -- If you drive by the Caprock Baptist church in Odessa, you'll notice there's something different about their flags.

The Christian flag is flown over the American flag.

"Anyone in this nation who knows the pledge of allegiance is aware that we pledge our allegiance as one nation, under God," said Pastor Roy Vick with Caprock Baptist Church.

Pastor Vick has been with the congregation since 2013. He started flying the flags in this order just over a year ago.

"We don't take second seat to anyone because when God hears our prayers and answers our prayers, the same powers are at work as it is anywhere else in the world in the biggest or even the smallest church," he said.

The pastor has served our country, both in local law enforcement and in the military, but that doesn't stop him from believing faith comes first.

"God is always greater than any individual nation and certainly, any certainly greater than any individual person," emphasized Pastor Vick.

On the VA.gov website it states, “When flags of states, cities or organizations are flown on the same staff, the US flag must be at the top – except during church services conducted at sea by navy chaplains.”

"As a veteran who has traveled other places, there are people who are in need and it helps give more illumination to what the lord says - provide for these people," Pastor Vick concluded.