Odessa Baby Dies in Arkansas

Published: Jun. 29, 2016 at 5:15 PM CDT
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An Odessa baby died Thursday after staying with a couple in Arkansas.

According to the

Jeff High, 55, and Dianna O'Bryan, 57, have been arrested after a four-month-old child from Odessa was found dead in their care.

Police responded to the couple's apartment where they discovered High laying on a couch who told officers "We have a dead baby." High then directed the officers to his wife O'Bryan who was holding the baby in her arm.

According to the Searcy Police Department the couple had picked up the baby on Thursday from it's mother's home in Odessa.

Both High and O'Bryan have been arrested and charged at this time. Police say that after the cause of death has been determined more charges may be brought against the couple.

CBS 7 reached out to the Odessa Police Department, who says they have not been involved in the case at this time.