Odessa Animal Control Shelter dealing with distemper exposure

ODESSA -- The Odessa Animal Control Shelter is dealing with a distemper exposure.

Distemper is a contagious disease in pets that has 'no specific treatment.'

According to a release, OAC learned of the exposure on Wednesday.

Owners picking up their pets from the shelter were told of the exposure and advised to speak with veterinarians.

Fifty-three dogs at the shelter have been relocated to partner groups. Several dogs were euthanized as the shelter says they were showing signs of illness and were not eligible to be released.

The shelter says that they will not be taking any more animals in until their building is sanitized. They expect intakes to resume at 10 a.m.

"The Odessa Police Department would like to thank Speaking up for those who Can’t, Barkabull, Big Bones, Key to Happiness, the Odessa Humane Society, Addicus and Cherished Pets for the incredible response to our request for help with this difficult situation," stated the department in a release.