ORMC supervisor shares how the hospital handled caring for six patients during the mass shooting

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - When a lone gunman attacked Odessa, six of those people injured were treated at Odessa Regional Medical Center.

CBS7 spoke to a supervisor at ORM find out what that day was like for the hospital staff.

House Supervisor Mariza Leviano said that Saturday wasn’t out of the ordinary at first even when the first gunshot victim came through the hospital doors.

But she soon realized the situation was far more serious when more patients were rushed in with similar injuries and a fellow staffer told her why.

“She’s like hey there’s a shooter out,” Leviano said. “They haven’t caught him yet. So, we’re getting multiple traumas and we’re going to continue to get traumas. When she informed me, we realized we needed to start taking measures to start protecting the hospital.”

Leviano said she then locked down the building and moved to gather as many operating room staffers as she could to take care of the shooting victims.

At first, she didn’t know who could even make it to the hospital since the drive to the hospital was still unsafe while the shooter was still on the loose.

“But then when I started seeing everyone come in the extra staff just asked me, put me anywhere,” Leviano said. “I’ll go anywhere. So, at that time I felt we were secure. We were going to be okay. It was a horrible day, but we were going to have the resources that we needed.”

Fortunately, since the shooting all six patients have been released from the hospital as they continue to recover from their wounds.

And while those scars will fade, the love and respect ORMC nurses earned that day will not.

“It was a very sad day cause when it first started happening,” she said. “I couldn’t even believe that it was actually happening here but after seeing the response and how everyone came together, I can’t say it enough. I’m so proud of our crew.”