OPD: Man broke into home, sexually assaulted woman

ODESSA -- Jose Sanchez is in jail in Odessa, after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her. She said he broke into her home and climbed through her window.

Mugshot: OPD

The latest sexual assault number for Odessa, from 2015, stated 131 sexual assaults were reported. The Crisis Center of West Texas said assaults, like this specific case, are not a new trend, but they are the ones most women are taught to expect.

"Women are told all the things they need to do, on a daily basis, to avoid sexual assault. Why can’t we focus on training teaching young boys, men not to rape?" Karen Hildebrand, the executive director of the Crisis Center of West Texas said.

Hildebrand said women, children, and families come into her office everyday with similar stories: someone they know or have been in a relationship with, assaulted them, either physically or sexually.

The Crisis Center's purpose is to provide tools for these victims, which ranges from counseling to housing.

However, Hildebrand said she often hears the same setiment.

"Sometimes with sexual assault there’s a lot of victim blaming: what were you wearing? Why were you there at this time?" she explains

But, what about when a woman is asleep in her bed, and she awakes to a man, who has broken into her home, on top of her? This is what police said Jose Arnaldo Sanchez II did on the night of November 3.

"When it’s someone that, you’re asleep at home in your bed, there could be no active response or no action from you that could have precipitated this violation," Hildebrand explained.

She also warned about the possible mental toll this attack could have on the victim.

"You may not even realize that you’ve been through a traumatic event and the same kind of symptoms that you have with ptsd, you may start exhibiting those," she said.

Sanchez is charged with burglary of a home, with intent to commit a sexual assault, whihc is a first degree felony.

Odessa police plan to have their next women's self defense class in January. Registration for the class will begin in the next couple of weeks.

CBS 7 asked Odessa police for the exact apartment complex where the alleged attack happened, and they would not disclose that information.