ONLY ON CBS7: Stylist says trucker left 4 bags of poop in parking lot after being asked to leave

Published: Dec. 19, 2018 at 12:05 PM CST
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A local trucker didn’t just lash out when he was asked to get off of a private parking lot this morning -- he found a disgusting way to retaliate.

Stylist Penny Roberts works at LaBelle Salon & Boutique in Odessa.

Early Wednesday, she found an 18-wheeler camped out in their parking lot. She asked the driver to leave.

He did, but he also left behind a surprise.

“So, I walk over to pick up the bag to go throw the trash away and realized what was in the bags,” Roberts said.

There was poop in the bags.

Four of them scattered all over the parking lot. Stinking piles left to antagonize the business who made him find another place to park.

“We talked to the guy and told him we don’t ever want to do this again. Our parking lot wasn’t designed for eighteen wheelers and in return he retaliated. And this is probably the lowest I’ve ever seen,” Roberts said,

And it seems this trucker has a crappy obsession.

Shon Brown’s family owns this shopping center – and says he’s asked the trucker not to park in their lot either.

“I gave him a kind of a 24-hour notice handwritten to move and he took it and wiped his rear with it and tore it up and threw it into the wind,” Brown said.

Roberts said since this story first aired the people who own the truck have personally apologized, fired the driver and say they’re going to clean up the parking lot and install no 18-wheeler parking signs.

“She was very remorseful, and it took a lot of guts for her to come back out and find our place of employment and make it right,” Roberts said.