Police reports from mass shooting reveal account of first officer to Cinergy scene

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 9:30 AM CST
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Nearly five months after the horrible mass shooting, The City of Odessa has released the police reports detailing the chaos at Cinergy, where it all ended.

The police report from the first officer to the scene reads: “…I was the first on the scene and parked my patrol unit in the front of the building and ordered everyone outside to go inside the building.”

That police report doesn’t state exactly what time that first officer arrived, but it’s clear he sprang into action.

That first officer explained: “I found the security guards in the front lobby and order them to secure all the doors and lock the building down… I then went outside the front doors and found cover and prepared for the arrival of the shooter.”

As other officers arrived, not everyone was on the same page.

That first officer to the scene stated: “Many other assisting agencies arrived, blew past me and went inside Cinergy and I then observed a mass exiting of patrons running outside.”

Cell phone video captured people laying on the ground in fear outside of Cinergy, just before the deadly shootout took down the shooter.

The first officer to the scene reported: “After getting a majority of the patrons outside of the building… I was informed an officer had been shot near the VA clinic… I then heard a loud crash and gunfire behind the Cinergy to the west.”

Other Odessa officers recounted a similar story.

Another officer explained: “I began clearing the theater with other officers from many departments… I also heard shooting south of my location. I then ran through the parking lot to the south. I heard many gunshots and saw officers pointing their guns at a USPS van.”

It’s unclear how many total shots were fired, but Seth Ator was shot dead.

The police report narrative continued: “As officers moved in toward the van, I saw one officer pull a rifle out of the driver window. The door was opened and a male subject was then pulled out of the vehicle and secured... I did notice the male subject was bleeding from multiple locations on his person.”

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