ONLY ON CBS7: Midlanders aren't happy with communication from the city about road construction projects

MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) -- Midlanders are excited to see their residential roads get some much needed attention, but some aren't happy about how the city is communicating about the process.

A viewer video showed one of many vehicles that had to be towed away from Fairgate Drive in East Midland on Wednesday afternoon before construction crews could begin their work.

"Everybody was still parked here. If I had to guess how many cars were here upwards of 30," neighbor Tristen Anderson said.

She explained that a vague, anonymous note was left on just some of the parked vehicles one day last week - letting them know not to park on the street this week.

"I spoke to some other neighbors yesterday who said 'I didn't receive a letter at all. I didn't even know what was happening,'" Brianna Anderson said.

After a couple of days of not parking on the street, the Anderson sisters said there had been no signs of road work being done.

"So, that's why me and my husband decided that we were just going to park out here, because we don't even see them in the neighborhood," Brianna added. "So, then we parked out here, and got a phone call Wednesday the cars were towed off to another street."

Fairgate Drive is still clear of vehicles, but construction crews moved onto the adjacent street - leaving this one torn up into pieces.

That means the street the Andersons have been walking to and from to park their car is also getting torn up.

"I came back [Thursday] morning to go get my car - it's gone," Tristen said. "They've towed all the cars they've towed to Mark Street to I don't even know where yet, because I haven't gone looking for my car yet."

But after Tristen finds her car, she just wants to know when all this will be fixed.

"So, how long is our street going to look like this? Or how many streets are they going to tear up before they actually decide to pave them?"

The City of Midland Transportation Manager Gabe McClelland responded with the following statement:

"The contractor working for the City of Midland is currently completing the Fiscal Year 2019 Mill and Inlay Project at an area generally located north of Wadley Avenue and west of Midland Drive. Mill and Inlay consists of the removal and replacement of approximately 2 inches of asphalt pavement. During the project, roads are closed to through traffic, but all properties will remain accessible, emergency services will continue, and mail delivery will continue.

Curbside parking is prohibited during construction. City staff is currently working with our contractor to improve our notification process. Our goal is to provide adequate notification so that residents and local property owners are informed and have adequate time to move vehicles. As a last resort, vehicles will be towed to the next adjacent street. Vehicles will not be impounded, and residents will not be charged for the towing service. We want to reduce/eliminate the need for towing by providing adequate notice to residents and property owners.

The City of Midland will also review our current policies for spreading the word regarding paving projects within the city. We will use social media and other outlets to keep residents informed of upcoming projects. We will also provide contact information so that questions and concerns can be addressed.

We realize that repaving streets in developed areas are an inconvenience to those who use these roadways. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate everyone’s patience. Please call the Transportation Division with any questions at 432-685-7293."