ONLY ON CBS7: Local doctor talks after testing positive for COVID-19

ODESSA, Tx (KOSA) -- Many viewers reached out to CBS7 on Thursday, after social media posts indicated a local OBGYN was treating patients while he had the coronavirus.

CBS7 spoke with Dr. Ghassan Fanous to find out the truth.

“At no time when I knew that I’d had contact with somebody that was positive did I see any patients or really anybody else,” Dr. Fanous said. “I immediately went straight to my house and went to my bedroom, and I’ve been here since then.”

Dr. Fanous said the social media frenzy started when his kids falsely claimed on Snapchat that he’d exposed coworkers and patients.

“Honestly it was my youngest two boys,” he said. “We have five children, and I never got a chance to tell them [my test] came back positive [Wednesday] night. I think that mixed with a lot of emotion, fear.”

Dr. Fanous said he was exposed on Saturday to someone showing no symptoms.

When that person felt sick a day later, he tested them. The test came back positive Tuesday morning.

Dr. Fanous then tested himself that same morning, and found out he was positive Wednesday night.

“I feel fine,” Dr. Fanous said. “I’ve got my thermometer next to me, checking more than once a day because I’m a little obsessive. But I have not had a fever.”

The clinic is closed until around April 13, and all other employees have been tested. None of those tests have yet to come back positive.