ONLY ON CBS7: ECISD School Board member stands by Facebook post

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 7:03 PM CDT
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Ector County ISD teachers have expressed concerns about a school board member’s social media posts.

Doyle Woodall told CBS7 that he uses Facebook to share things with just his friends, however he seemed unaware that his profile was still public and anyone could see his polarizing posts.

Back on May 17, the school board member shared an image of a noose, that read “If we want to make America great again, we will have to make evil people fear punishment again.”

While the post was made before the murder of George Floyd, people have expressed that the image of a noose symbolizes lynching and racism.

“It only symbolizes crime and punishment to me,” Woodall said. “That’s my definition of a noose. It has nothing else to do with anything else. I am all behind these protests that black lives matter. I’m behind them 100%.”

Looking at Woodall’s Facebook feed, he frequently makes political posts, and informed us that his account is currently in “Facebook Jail”, meaning it was temporarily suspended, because of a recent post.

He said he knew which post it was but would not go into details.

“Vote me out, I don’t care,” Woodall said. “If you’re so offended by a post that you’re going to vote me out, and ignore all of the good things I’ve done for this community, then you deserve whatever takes my place.”

We called all the other school board members to see what they thought, and only one responded.

“I’m a very liberal Mexican-American,” Delma Abalos said. “So I can’t imagine he would ever say anything like that in front of me. So I’ve never heard him say anything like that. When it comes to being a board member, we vote along the same lines 98% of the time.”

Abalos added that she thinks all elected officials should be careful with what they say, as to not be hurtful or cause division.

Woodall said he will double check his Facebook settings to ensure only friends can see his posts.

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