ONLY ON CBS7: Brawl between Taco Villa employees and customers caught on camera

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- A fight broke out between employees and customers at a Taco Villa in Midland on Wednesday night.

Photo and video courtesy of Will Villa.

It was all caught on one customer’s cell phone at the store on Andrews Highway. The customer, Will Villa, shared the video with CBS7.

The Midland Police Department who doesn’t know who threw the first punch, but they said the conflict stems from an argument that started on social media.

Police said all this started with comments posted on Facebook.
They couldn’t say what was written, but clearly it was enough to get the whole restaurant involved.

The video shows at least four Taco Villa employees punching, kicking and pulling hair as three young women lashed out at them.

The next clip shows the group walking out as employees shout at them telling them to leave.

But it didn’t end there.

The women and employees continued to scream and curse at each other from the parking lot, though most of their words are hard to make out.

The video doesn’t show any more physical fighting by that point—just one woman eager to throw another punch challenging an employee to start slugging again.

Midland Police said officers broke up the fight when they got the scene.
The restaurant’s glass door was shattered, and several people walked away with some scrapes and bruises, but nothing major.

Police said there were no arrests because no one wanted to file charges.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Taco Villa couldn’t say what will happen to those employees, only that the company is trying to gather more details about the fight.