ONLY ON CBS7: Arrest affidavit reports Midland woman was locked in closet and starved; Boyfriend charged with negligent homicide

MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) -- An arrest affidavit written by a Midland Police Officer, and obtained by CBS7, summarizes how Tony Jeffery Green allegedly abused and starved his girlfriend to death over a approximate five month period.

In the affidavit, the officer says he spoke to a nurse at Midland Memorial Hospital, who helped treat Natishia Nicole Grimes after she came to the Emergency Room.

She told the officer that when she first saw Grimes in Intensive Care, her first thought was, "This patient is dying."

She said Grimes was dirty, especially around her mouth, which was so dry she couldn't speak clearly or swallow.

She also told the officer that Grimes should have weighed around 130 lbs, but was 93 lbs when she came to the hospital.

Green was with Grimes at the hospital, but the affidavit says he kept changing his story regarding when the last time she ate or even walked.

He later told hospital staff that Grimes stopped walking two or three months ago for no apparent reason.

Grimes's family later told the staff that Green had kept her from them for months.

Grimes later admitted Green abused her and held her against her will, according to the affidavit. She said Green locked her in a closet and didn't feed her for so long, she couldn't remember that last time she had eaten. She said it may have been as far back as Christmas or even Thanksgiving.

Grimes was admitted to the hospital on January 22nd and died almost three weeks later.

Based on what the nurse told the officer, a warrant was issued for Green. He was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide.