OHS teacher follows in her mother's footsteps, becomes second generation history teacher

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ODESSA, Tx. (KOSA) - When the Odessa High Broncos and Permian Panthers clash this Friday, they’ll have big cleats to fill as they write a new chapter in West Texas history.

However, they’re not the only ones trying to live up to a legacy.

Eleanor Lewis is Ms. Lewis 2.0.

Before she began her first year, her mother spent more than 20 years as a history teacher at the same school.

“I feel like I have a lot to live up to and of course when she was teaching here she’d been teaching for several years and she kind of had it down a little bit and I’m just coming in here as a first year teacher,” she said.

Eleanor said her mother Trudy was a beloved member of the Broncho family who taught thousands of students—some a little younger than others.

“She has always told me she wanted to plaster my room as a baby with maps and all of those stories were my bedtime stories.”

Although it seems she was always destined to teach, Eleanor said she at first wanted to carve a new path until she realized OHS was home.

A special culture with strong educators and an unbreakable community.

“Not everybody has that,” she said. “Not everybody is lucky enough to get what we get here in West Texas.”

A culture she got to share a special part in one Friday night years ago when the Broncos broke a long losing streaking to defeat the Panthers.

“I remember that game very, very vividly and I remember afterwards students came over here at OHS and you could hear everyone celebrating,” Lewis said.

And who knows maybe they’ll do it again this year.

After all, history does repeat itself.