Nuclear Regulatory Commission hears arguments on possible Andrews facility.

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is in Midland hearing opinions about the proposal to create a spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Andrews.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission hears arguments on possible Andrews facility.

The NRC’s hearing at the Midland County Courthouse went on for hours and many people spoke for and against the proposed facility.

Thomas Graham with Interim Storage Partners said Andrews is the perfect location to store the nuclear waste.

“I am confident that once you have toured the facility and you have learned about the red bed clay, you learn about the distance from water. You'll be as confident as we are that this is the ideal location for this facility,” said Graham.

Graham said, community members should not fear the nuclear waste.

“There is no emission of radiation outside of those casks so the exposure risks is very minimal,” said Graham.

Some people across the Permian Basin believe otherwise, telling CBS7 News they are not confident about the facility and believe it could be a danger to the community.

“What we are hearing today is “yes,” I will be affected by this application if this facility moves forward and here are my challenges and they would challenge specific aspects,” said David McIntyre from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The NRC said the hearing process is fair and they will take into consideration the good track records of the storage units currently in Andrews.

“The NRC is saying, okay we have these proposals from these two companies and we are going to scrutinize them and make sure that if they decide to go forward they can do it safely,” said McIntyre.

The NRC will continue to hear both sides starting tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. at the Midland County Courthouse.