North Texans uncover rattlesnake den in viral video

ODESSA -- There may not have been a snake in North Texan Bobby Cowan’s boot, but there was underneath his abandoned hunting cabin.

Bobby Cowan and his friends, Matt Stanley and Levi Kirkland, were working on Cowan’s ranch in Gorman, TX, on Tuesday.

They were deconstructing a windmill on the property for Cowan’s wife’s Christmas present when they saw a snake slither underneath the cabin.

They were curious, and used a skid loader to lift up the building.

The Texans discovered a den of Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes. They counted 36 snakes, but said there could have been as many as 75 rattlesnakes.

Cowan said he was a little scared when he first saw the poisonous snakes.
But the rancher said they stayed a safe distance away from the reptiles.

“Never in my life I’ve seen so many snakes in one place. And I’ve I’ve talked to different ones. I’ve talked to my dad whose experienced on ranches and has seen a bunch of snakes before. And he’s only seen maybe 10 or 15 in a group. And for me to see that many, and the size of the snakes, it was just incredible,” he said.

Cowan dropped the shed, but then lifted it up later so they could record several videos, which have garnered more than a million views online.

Matt Stanley recorded the videos, and recounted what went through his mind.

“Just sheer amazement actually. We’ve seen snakes before, of course, but to see that many in one lot,” he said.

Cowan, Stanley, and Kirkland then removed the snakes with sticks and trash cans and placed them on a portion of land away from Cowan’s livestock.

The rancher reiterated the importance of being careful outdoors, because snakes can be found in unexpected places.

“I just wouldn’t have imagined that there would be that many snakes. So you know, be diligent and careful of what they’re doing and what they’re lifting up and just watching out,” he said.