No, the Martin County Messenger isn't talking about a garden implement

MARTIN CO., Tx (KOSA) -- The Martin County Messenger came in the mail today, and its lead story headline made us do a double-take.

It read, "Hunt for hoe lands DeSoto man in jail". Surely, we thought, the DeSoto man in question had stolen someone's well-worn garden tool since it was probably put up for the winter.


A DeSoto "business man" had to hang out in Stanton longer than he planned, according to the newspaper. That's because he reportedly had a confrontation with a resident while looking for his "employee' (the quotation marks are theirs.)

Long story short, investigators say Felix Nosa Omoruyi tried to set up dates in Stanton with his friend using social media. They say he dropped her off for a date, but then got confused about where he was supposed to pick her up.

They say he walked into the house he though she was in without knocking, and then left because no one was home.

He came back later, but this time he ran into the homeowner. Officers say Omoruyi threatened the homeowner, then took off.

Deputies later found him at the Stripes. He was arrested and posted a $7,000 bond, but was then sent to the Dan Saunders Law Enforcement Center on other outstanding warrants.