No indictment returned for Odessa officer who used 'unreasonable force'

ODESSA -- A police officer who was found to have used 'unreasonable force' during an arrest in April and was terminated from his job will not be facing a trial.

A press release from the 109th District Attorney, Amanda Navarette, states that her office was reviewing the case of a criminal investigation into the use of force by officer Cory Wester.

The Texas Rangers finished their investigation and handed it over to Navarette's office on June 26.

The case was presented to a grand jury on August 6 and no indictment was returned.

On April 27 Corporal Cory Wester responded to the MCM Fundome for a report of a disturbance.

At the scene Wester spoke with a witness who said that a woman had jumped on his vehicle before leaving.

The woman was eventually found by officers and identified as Lexus Gish.

Wester told police that as he was arresting Gish she scratched his arm with her nails. It was then that he reportedly punched her in the face several times before she was finally put in handcuffs.

In an investigation into the arrest another officer who was at the scene told investigators that they did not see that Wester was bleeding from any scratches.

Photos released by the Odessa Police Department show Gish with injuries to her face after she was arrested and taken to a hospital. WARNING: The photos shown below may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

You can find the full files from the investigation here.

The Odessa Police Department tells CBS 7 that they will not be rehiring Wester.

Haley Harrison will have more on this story tonight on CBS 7.

(Photos: Odessa Police Department)

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