New projects at Midland International Airport will benefit travelers

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - Upgrades are coming to the Midland International Air and Space Port, which may lead to a more hassle-free flying experience.

The approval by the Midland City Council will allow a study to be conducted at the airport.

This study will focus on seeing if consolidating the rental car companies into one facility will help fliers with the airport's major parking problem.

Justine Ruff, Director of Midland International Airport, said they also approved critical projects in the gate area and airfield.

"I think right now there is a little bit of crowding at the gate 5 areas. If you fly out of American Eagle, sometimes there is a delay when they are trying to move an aircraft. This will create more room for aircraft to move in and out," said Ruff.

According to Ruff, this new addition will be at the south end of the terminal and will help with overcrowding passengers face at Gate 5.

Councilmen Jack Ladd of District 3 hopes by adding a new sixth gate at the airport, it will encourage new direct routes that will allow fliers to reach new destinations.

"Having a 6th gate will allow for another carrier and allow for another direct flight, somewhere we want to go as citizens of Midland. We have the population for it, we got to prove that we are ready for that so we can have those direct flights to Austin and Albuquerque that we need," said Ladd.

Ruff said travelers could expect these projects to get off the ground this summer.

She adds the airport is fully prepared with a master plan to tackle these future projects.