New program in Midland aims to increase family literacy

Midland -- Good reading skills are imperative to succeeding in school.

Midland Public Libraries was chosen to pilot a family literacy program from state funding from humanities Texas.

The program will start in February and over the course of 6 weeks, the children will receive 6 to 8 books.

The goal of the program is to help create a culture of literacy and reading in the home.

And once the kids leave the library the program doesn't stop there, kids will take home a bean bag chair and a small book shelf to create a quiet space to continue their reading adventures.

“There quite a bit of science that shows if you're not reading at grade level going into fourth grade you see a lot of negative indicator for everything from science math and history achievement but also just graduation right show for us targeting second and third graders duty because it's one of the last opportunities we have at the beginning of their academic career to make sure we're giving them a solid foundation for success,” said Edward McPherson, with Midland Public Libraries.

The program will consist of about 20 families from title one schools, McPherson said they will be going to the principals to find families to participate.

Depending on how the program goes, similar literacy programs could be rolled out across the state.