New ordinance cracking down on parents who allow underage drinking

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ODESSA -- While it's legal in Texas for your children to drink as long as you’re supervising them, that doesn't mean their friends can join in.

“A mom has a right to give her kids alcohol. She doesn't have the right to give my kids alcohol,” said Brian Lemon with Texas Standing Tall.

A new ordinance is helping Odessa Police make sure that doesn’t happen.

The social host accountability ordinance will hold parents accountable when teens are partying with alcohol.

Tuesday, Odessa police hosted a party for teens.

The party was supposed to mimic a real-life scenario for teen and parents.

Prior to the new rule, police had to catch adults actually providing alcohol to unrelated minors. Now they just have to catch them at their home.

"What you need to prove is not that the parents provided the alcohol, but they provided the location. Determining that it's their house is a lot easier than determining that it's their alcohol,” said Lemon.

The host accountability ordinance will go into effect this Friday, August 25.