New details released on complaint against former Midland police chief

MIDLAND -- New details have been released on a complaint that was filed against the Midland Police Department's former chief.

Steve Henry was fired on Friday, April 20 following an investigation into a complaint that was made only months after he was hired by the city.

Initially the only information that was released to the public was that Henry's alleged misconduct violated the Harassment Policy of the City of Midland’s Personnel Policies.

According to newly released documents, an employee recounted several times that Henry made comments that made the person feel uncomfortable.

In just the first week of meeting him, the employee reported at least two conversations that were uncomfortable, including being described as "This fine ____" in front of training staff and being told "You're attractive."

The complaint also included times that Henry either invited the employee to things the person didn't want to do or invited himself to lunch.

From January to March the employee listed more than 20 encounters with Henry that made the person uncomfortable.

Comments made to the employee included:

-"You look really good in uniform."
-"You are so skinny."
-"You cut your hair, I noticed."

Some moments mentioned in the complaint went further than comments:

-When talking about painting his office, the employee stated that Henry said "I want to paint my office red, maybe have a dance area in the corner with a pole."

-When talking about a red coffee mug with leopard print, the employee stated that Henry said "Like red panties. I like it," while licking his lips and smiling.

-On a Friday before the weekend the employee stated that Henry said "You look tired. Is it problems with your husband?"

The documents state that the employee learned that others in the department had experienced similar situations with Henry. It's not clear at this time if any other employees filed complaints.

Seth Herman remains the Interim Chief for the Midland Police Department.