New ax throwing business opens in Odessa

ODESSA, Tx (KOSA) -- A new ax throwing business held its grand opening in Odessa Saturday, giving the Permian Basin a taste of an activity that is sweeping the nation.

“A lot of my customers from the Fort Worth area said they needed something like this out here in West Texas,” Blake Cryer, the owner of Axeaholics Hatchet House said. “So I was like let me bring it to you. Teach everybody how to throw some axes.”

For Cryer, this all started as a school assignment in college.

“It was just one of our business projects,” Cryer said. “Make a mock business and see if you can make it real. We presented it in front of a bunch of people and they said ‘This is perfect. When are you starting it?’.”

Visitors get their own lane like in bowling, only instead of balls and pins, it’s axes and a target.

“You come in, you throw for an hour and half,” Cryer said. “The first five to ten minutes are a coaching session. An Axeaholic will be here to teach you everything that you need to know.”

Anyone ten years or older is allowed to throw, so it’s an activity for the whole family. For the adults, the Hatchet House has a “Bring Your Own Beer” policy.

“We do have a limit on that,” Cryer said. “You can’t get too drunk with sharp blades, but you can bring your own beer in. We are here to have a really good time. We don’t call ourselves a bar because we are a very family friendly place.”

The Hatchet House will also host ax throwing leagues, and maybe one day even produce a professional thrower.

For more information or to plan your visit, you can check out the Axeaholics Hatchet House Facebook page.