New Technology Creating Virtual Classrooms in ECISD

School is still 19 days away for Ector County ISD.

Teachers have been busy this summer making sure the upcoming school year will be as educational as possible.

New technology their bringing into the classroom will benefit more than just the students.

ECISD is rolling out District wide technology to support team building and collaboration.

Every teacher will have the capability to use Google Classrooms allowing students and teachers access to assignments, virtual discussions and homework.

“One of the most attractive things about Google, it doesn’t feel like you’re working because the applications, the more you start delve into these different tools that are available to you the more that you’ll discover and before you realize it, you’re working and you’re having a really good time while you’re doing it," said Avery Hathorne, the Instructional Technology Specialist at ECISD.

This technology is similar to what some Universities and international companies use, preparing students for post education success.

"It's learning how to use these tools at an earlier age and then walk away with those skills, into the workforce or into post-secondary education, it automatically sets up the student for success,” said Hathorne.

This technology is also making it easier for teachers in the classroom.

“It keeps your students engaged and it gives them something other than just reading from a book and a lot of students get bored with that but when you can show them something that relates to life via video, via social media, helps a ton because it relates,” said Anthony Dees, a teacher at Odessa High.

An added benefit, Google Classrooms is available for teachers at no cost.