New Jersey mother of 3 fights off coyote with baseball bat

MAHWAH, N.J. (WCBS/CNN) - A New Jersey mother is recovering from multiple bite marks after she managed to survive a coyote attack by hitting the animal with a baseball bat.

The coyote left bite marks all over 53-year-old Doreen Latargia Entrup’s body, 14 puncture wounds in total. She got rabies shots and blood tests done at the hospital. (Source: Doreen Latargia Entrup/WCBS/CNN)

Doreen Latargia Entrup, 53, was peacefully strolling in her neighborhood Friday evening when she says a coyote suddenly charged right at her. She says the animal got onto its hind legs, making it almost as tall as her, and began ravaging her body.

"It was biting me on the back of my thigh... It wouldn’t leave me alone. It just kept biting,” she said. “I was scared because I didn’t know what else could happen other than the puncture wounds. I didn’t know if it would just latch on and not let go.”

But the mother of three put up a good fight. With the coyote biting and following her down her neighbor’s driveway, Latargia Entrup luckily managed to find a baseball bat inside the garage.

"She has a bucket of sticks and bats and sports items, so I grabbed a bat and hit it. I hit at it with a bat, and it moved away,” Latargia Entrup said.

When the wild animal backed off, Latargia Entrup ran into her neighbor’s home.

The coyote left bite marks all over the 53-year-old’s body, 14 puncture wounds in total. She got rabies shots and blood tests done at the hospital.

The mother says she had seen the coyote around for about a week prior to the attack, but she never thought it would become so violent.

“I’m hoping that the community keeps their kids safe and inside until they catch the coyote," Latargia Entrup said.

The Mahwah Police Department set up traps in hopes of catching the coyote. It was last spotted in the same area around noon Saturday.

Experts say if you see a coyote, it’s best not to run. Instead, make yourself big and loud to scare it off.

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