Neighbor explains what he saw and heard the night Zuzu disappeared

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ALPINE -- A neighbor who lives below Robert Fabian tells CBS 7 News what he heard and saw the night Zuzu Verk went missing.

New details from the police investigation are starting to connect the dots of what exactly happened the night that 21-year-old Zuzu Verk went missing.

Thursday morning we obtained Search warrants that detail why Zuzu’s boyfriend, Robert, is the prime suspect in this case.

Those documents show that he waited almost two days to report his girlfriend missing.

Not only was Robert the last one to see Zuzu in the early morning hours of October 12th, but also he was the one who called police for a welfare check on her two days later.

The first red flag for police was the fact that Robert didn’t show up to file a missing persons report -- somebody else did.

“You could hear him moving their stuff around, playing music, and then she (Zuzu) shows up,” said John Franco, who lives in the apartment below Robert. “They make dinner like at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., you could smell their food, and you can hear their conversation and then laugh a little bit. Then, it got quiet like after 11 p.m."

That silence didn't last long.

"We just heard one, like you know, shut the ‘F’ up and that was it," Franco said.

At around two that Wednesday morning, Franco heard Robert’s bed shake multiple times.

"We can hear him pacing back and forth, like all over the house,” Franco said. “Maybe around 3 o'clock in the morning, we hear him jump in the shower."

Then, one hour later Franco's girlfriend hears a loud thump and quickly wakes him up.

"She wanted me to go check, so I went to go check, and it was just Robert,” Franco said. “Robert was leaving, but his girlfriend's car was still parked out there."

Neither Franco nor his girlfriend saw Zuzu leave and say her car was gone by Friday -- the day police began their investigation into her disappearance.

Alpine Police can't confirm what happened to Zuzu's car, but search warrants indicate that Robert might know.

Here’s the timeline from the morning of Zuzu’s disappearance: when questioned by police Robert said the last time he saw Zuzu was around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. Wednesday. Then, at 3:15 a.m. he attempted to call his friend Chris Estrada twice, and also sent him Snapchats. And at 6:30a.m. Zuzu’s phone lost service.

"I think you can tell from the search warrants why we are headed in a certain direction, and why we are focused on our suspect,” said Alpine Police Chief Russell Scown. “He's probably the only one that can change which direction we start looking, everything right now points to him as a suspect."

Meanwhile, Zuzu’s family is still hoping she’s found.

"We were very excited to have any type of development come through, it's just one step closer to finding out what happened and where she is,” said Zuzu’s mother Lori Verk. “The thing that we're hanging onto the most is where is she, we just want to know where to find her."

CBS 7 News spoke briefly with Chris Estrada over the phone Thursday who says he has nothing to do with the disappearance of Zuzu.

In fact, he says the last time he saw her was over a year ago.

When asked if he believes Robert was involved somehow he said no.

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