Mother earns diploma with the support of her children

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BIG SPRING, Tx. (KOSA) - It’s Mother’s Day and we’re highlighting one remarkable mother of seven.

CBS7 met with the first person in the country to finish Walmart’s Live Better U program, earning her high school diploma through free online classes armed with just her phone and the support of her children.

Usually when it’s time for school, it’s the parent who encourages their kids to get back to the books, but not this time.

“He coached me,” Laci Weaver said. “I had like an essay or something due I would read it to him, and he would tell me ‘Oh you need to take that out. That doesn’t sound so good. Or maybe you should say this in instead, mom.’”

Weaver dropped out of high school when she was 15 to find work and take care of her family after her stepfather died.

For years she wanted to go back, but could never find a way.

“Quitting high school was one of my biggest regrets but I was never able to do it,” she said. “I had actually tried a couple of times, but I couldn’t afford it.”

That is, until her son Aidan suddenly made it seem possible.

Aidan was born with Gastroschisis` and had to be educated in the hospital or through other programs.

When he was finally able to get back to the classroom after a successful transplant, they made a deal.

“After the transplant, when he went back to school it was really hard for him,” Weaver said. “It was a struggle. And so, we kind of made this pact. We would do it together.”

The two studied hard and in a matter of months Aidan went from barely passing to a straight a student and Laci finally earned her diploma.

“The look on my kid’s face when that diploma came in the mail. He was so proud of me and so I was proud of me. So, it was a really good feeling.”

As proud of she is of her hard work, Weaver said it’s all thanks to the love and support of her family.

“It was an achievement that we did together,” she said. “I didn’t just do it. My kids did it too.”