Mom says man took video of her child at H-E-B restroom

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Texas mother is warning parents to be on the lookout, after a man took video of her 10-year-old son in a public restroom.

Jennifer Osowski says she has taught her son to be careful in public restrooms.

Even reminding him this morning to lock the stall.

The two were at an H-E-B IN Houston.

"The family bathroom was occupied, I thought about taking him into the ladies restroom, but he is 10. He is just getting to the point where he wants his independence. So, I stood right outside the door", she said.

But she says that apparently wasn't deterrent.

Right after her son came out, he told his mom what happened.

"He said, somebody videoed me, someone put their phone under the stall. I stopped and said what", she said.

Osowski says a man leaving the restroom who made eye-contact with her.

She followed him through the store and then got a manager.

But the man was gone.

She says she is proud of her son for speaking up, but concerned about what the man may have on his phone.

"That is the part that scares me, I don't know where these photos or video are going to end up", she added.

In a statement released by H-E-B, the company says it is working with police.

Authorities are checking to see if surveillance video shows the man entering or exiting the store.