Midland woman speaks out after witnessing an almost tragic event

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - A mother in Midland is mortified after witnessing a school bus seconds away from being crushed by a train.

Ramos said this happened on Lamessa and Front Street, in the Tall City.

Alondra Ramos was on her way to a school event with her 3 children when she said they witnessed the unthinkable.

Ramos captured a video of a MISD school bus getting stuck on a guardrail and almost getting hit by passing by train.

"My stomach really hurt, as a mother I mean I really do not know what to think about it. I was just really sad and upset as well. I wanted to get off but then I was like there is nothing that I can do,” said Ramos.

Ramos said her and her kids, who are also MISD students, went into panic mood, honking and screaming to get the drivers attention to reverse the bus.

She said this happened on Lamesa and Front Street, in the Tall City.

Ramos now, just hopes this driver is more cautious in the future.

"We were on our way over there (school event) very happy. Let me tell you, we were really panicked and we had to stop right after that happened. We had to stop because we were panicking. The bus just kept on going and he never even stopped," said Ramos.

MISD responded and said the driver failed to practice the mandatory "Operation Lifesaver.”

They said as a result of the violation progressive discipline procedures were implemented for the driver.

"No one got hurt, but what if someone got hurt, what if he did not reverse enough and an accident happened and we could have lost lives, precious little kids lives and even the bus drivers life,” said Ramos.

MISD has released a statement regarding the incident

"The driver failed to practice the mandatory "operation lifesaver" technique of utilizing signals and preparing to stop 50 feet prior to arriving to a railroad crossing. As a result of the violation, progressive discipline procedures were implemented for the driver,” said MISD.

Ramos said she sent the video to MISD because she felt the need to protect students who could possibly be on that bus route.

She tells CBS7 that she was happy with the school districts quick response into the situation and getting it solved.