Midland woman stranded at The Bahamas weathers Hurricane Dorian

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - Over the weekend, Hurricane Dorian smashed through the Bahamas devastating the islands.

One Midland woman was vacationing in the tropics, but couldn’t make it out in time to escape the storm.

Machelle Morris and her daughter planned on having a fun getaway at a resort along the coast of the Grand Bahama Island.

They didn’t plan on a category five hurricane.

The two were scheduled to leave a day before the hurricane arrived, but Morris said American Airlines wouldn’t let them change flights until an evacuation was called.

By then it was too late.

“There was really no excuse for us to have been left on this island to go through this,” Morris said.

With nowhere to go, Morris and her daughter hunkered down at the resort for days without electricity or running water.

Just a handful of candles, water jugs, canned food and the unrelenting sound of Dorian’s wrath.

“Tornados come and their gone but this hurricane just stayed and stayed and stayed,” Morris explained.

Morris said she wasn’t afraid, but her two teenage daughters back home were panicked, sending urgent text messages asking her to make it back.

“Y’know, it hurts a mama’s heart to know your babies are worried about you,” Morris said. “You don’t want them to worry. You want to make it all okay for them.”

Fortunately, the Morris family is okay now, but when they emerged from their room, they found the island broken and flooded.

A gut-wrenching sight that’s made her appreciate what’s waiting for her as she sailed back home.

“Y’know, that’s probably going to be my mantra for a while,” Morris said. “Be very thankful when you have food to waste or water to spill.”

Morris tells us a cruise line gave her and her daughter a free ride back to Florida and they expect to be back in Texas soon.