City of Midland set to discuss possible disaster declaration

The City of Midland does not have a limited shelter in place right now, but it's set to discuss a possible disaster declaration Tuesday morning.

"Midland city council is meeting Tuesday morning to continue to explore options moving forward in the midst of this two pronged struggle we are in," Mayor Patrick Payton told CBS7 Monday evening.

That special city council meeting will start at 10:00 on Tuesday, March 31st.

The one item on the agenda reads:
"Discuss and consider the Mayor's issuance of an Order Declaring a Local State of Disaster for the City of Midland (the "Declaration") and the Resolution of the City Council ratifying and approving the Declaration and consenting to its continuation, and other matters related thereto. The City Council may take action on this matter."

If you're interested in the proceedings, the mayor says the city will be broadcasting it online and encourages you to watch from home to practice social distancing.