Midland residents react to controversial arrest

MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) -- Following the controversial handling of an arrest, Midland Mayor Patrick Payton said in a press conference Wednesday that the city wants to “de-escalate” tension in Midland’s District Two.

CBS7’S Jakob Brandenburg went out and spoke with District Two residents about the incident and how they feel.

Some people we spoke with, including members of the African American community, said the police appeared to handle themselves well, and that it was Tye Anders and his family that overreacted.

Still, many District Two residents believe that drawing multiple guns for an alleged traffic stop was unnecessary.

“That was totally uncalled for,” Elbert Wilson said. “In some way MPD needs to start being more responsible for their actions, and be more professional.”

“If they say he just ran a stop sign, I don’t see why they drew their guns out on him,” Jarvis Bell said. “He wasn’t armed or anything.”

We then asked Bell if he’s had problems with the police as a black man living in Midland.

“Honestly I haven’t,” he said. “I’ve had a few run-ins with them, but I’ve never had any problems with them like that. I don’t know, I’d probably react like [Anders] did if they pointed their guns at me.”

The city said it plans to host a town hall meeting with the community and Police Chief Seth Herman.

“Anybody can get on stage and say that they’re going to do this, do that,” Wilson said. “But what actions will be taken after that? Will you follow through, or is it just in order to calm the storm, due to the fact that you’ve been exposed?”

A date, time and location for the meeting are still to be announced.