Midland man may never walk again after he was shot by car burglars

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - A midland man is in critical condition after he was shot in front of his home by car thieves.

The family of Jesus Gonzales tells me this loving father has a small chance of walking again after that bullet went through his body.

The Gonzales’ family said the bullet hit Jesus in the chest, split a kidney and stopped by his spine.

The family said two car thieves were trying to break into his truck.

When he walked out to confront them, the thieves fired two shots.

“He just tried to go outside to try to scare them away. He said he took two steps forward and he just shot him, he didn’t even say anything, he just shot him. As soon as he did, he ran toward the car, toward his car and tried to shoot my mom. But thankfully he missed.”

The Midland County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve arrested a juvenile and adult in connection to this shooting and expected charges to be filed soon.

A neighbor set up a GoFundMe to help the Gonzales family.

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