Midland family starts a new trend in the Permian Basin to celebrate high school seniors

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- The coronavirus has created a new world that we now live in, forcing businesses to close, people to lose their jobs, and even forcing graduations to be postponed.

However, residents in Midland are making sure that their high school seniors are honored for accomplishing a major milestone.

The Villanueva family starts a trend by placing a gown on their door to celebrate their daughter Yasmine who attends Midland High School, as she explains what this new trend for door decorations means to her.

"A decor for seniors," Midland High senior Yasmine Villanueva said. "So their parents can show them that they're proud of them. It's a message that I made it this far. That I'm going to go far in life and accomplish all my goals."

Yasmine's mother, Veronica, saw a similar door decorating idea on social media, which influenced her to start the trend here in the Permian Basin.

"I saw it on Facebook, my brother is the one who inspired me to do it," Veronica said. "Just to show some love for my senior and all the seniors that are out there. This is the first one, but hopefully by next week there will be many more just to support our seniors and what we're going through, what they're going through."

And as a proud mom of a Midland High student, Veronica wants to support and celebrate Yasmine graduating high school.

"Well, one I wanted to show my daughter that we're very proud of her," Veronica said. "With all that's going on, what better way to show that she made it this far."

Although this is a time of uncertainty, a positive spirit and family support carries the Villanueva's through this journey in celebrating Yasmine for an incredible accomplishment.

"My parents, my mom show me that they're really supportive through everything that's going on," Yasmine said.

"We're going to continue to pray that they can walk the stage somehow, someway," Veronica said." You know, do some form of graduation, maybe not at the school, but some way."