Midland couple starts gaming company

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MIDLAND COUNTY -- Justin Trowbridge and his wife started a video game company earlier this year and they say oil workers throughout the Permian Basin are exactly the kind of the clientele he’s looking for.

Justin Trowbridge has worked in the oil and gas industry for years.

He says while hours spent in the oilfields are profitable, it can also be pretty slow with workers getting bored and turning to their phones to pass the time.

That’s when Trowbridge thought, there’s opportunity here on another level.

“Mobile games in particular are just a massively expanding market and there’s a lot of opportunity to create unique experiences,” Trowbridge said.

Trowbridge launched Scooter Moose Games with his wife earlier this year.

The company, so far, has made two adventure style mobile games.
Faith Princess of Light, where the player fights to bring light to a darkened land and Van Helsing Silver Slug where the protagonist slays monsters with a crossbow.

Trowbridge said he’s thrilled to work on games because they’re a special medium for storytelling.

“I think it’s that middle ground between the two where it gives you that sense of ownership being the player feeling like you’re immersed in that world and having a lot of control over what happens inside that world,” he said.

And in the spirit of his digital characters, Trowbridge is doing what he can to shape his own world by bringing his stories to life.

Although he said it’s been tough for the young company to get traction, he thinks the Permian Basin could be a hot spot for innovation outside energy if more people would jump in.

“I think there’s a ton of great ideas and a ton of great innovation that happens out here and I don’t see why that has to be limited to the oil and gas industry,” Trowbridge said.