Midland couple defend Midland Medical Lodge

Midland, Tx (KOSA) The Midland Medical Lodge has faced scrutiny for the number of coronavirus cases and deaths tied to the facility.

But one family says that is not the lodge’s fault.

“They have worked with the health department state of Texas to follow all guidelines,” Rozann Taylor said. “We wanted to just shout out some applause for the staff.”

Rozann and Bob’s adult daughter, Cheri, is a resident of Midland Medical Lodge.
She’s one of 45 residents who have been infected with the virus.
“Our daughter Sheri was one of the first to go to the hospital,” Bob said. “We didn’t hesitate one second to bring her to Midland Medical Lodge.”
Cheri is now fully recovered from COVID-19.
Her family says she’s been well cared for the almost year she’s lived at the Lodge.
“What a great experience we have had with them and what a tremendously competent administration there is there,” Rozann said.

The Taylors send their condolences to families of residents who haven’t been so lucky. But they don’t lay any blame on the lodge.

“We wanted to tell the other side of the story,” Rozann said. “The ones that are there we’re so sorry for the ones that have been so sick and who have passed away. That’s been very very unfortunate. And so we have very much empathy for all of that. But we just want to emphasize that heroes work at Midland Medical Lodge.”