Midland community comes together to give students school supplies

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) - With school set to start this week for many schools across Midland. Some students from the Tall City had the chance to make sure they are going back in style.

Just over 300 students across the Tall City were helped at the event.

311 Ministries, along with the help of Breaking Bread Kitchen, Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Midland Baptist Crisis Center came together to give these students the back to school treatment they deserve.

“This is something that we do every single year. We are always working with the school counselors to make sure that the kids that are in need are helped,” said Rae Anne Phillips from 311 Ministries.

Every Year the organizations put together what they call, “Cuts For Kids.”

An event where families who need help financially get to have their students get ready for back to school.

“The only way for us to do that is to have the community behind us. Everything that we do is volunteer driven and donation driven. Without our community we would not be able to give these kids what they have,” said Phillips.

On top of receiving a back to school haircut, students also got a free pair of shoes and a bag full of supplies to make sure their school year is successful.

Just over 300 students across the Tall City were helped at the event.

If you know a student who is in need, 311 Ministries said all you need to do is speak with the child's school counselor to get them, help the need.

“Some may not get a haircut until this event every single year. It is amazing to see the smile on their faces. They get to leave here knowing that when they can go to school on Wednesday morning and they are going to have their supplies, their shoes, their uniforms, just like every other kid in their class,” said Phillips.

311 Ministries said they are always in need of the community's support to keep events like this going they are even raising money for their “Capital Campaign” which will help build a new facility so they are able to host their own events.