Midland boy represents West Texas in France

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) - While many students around West Texas stayed close to home this summer this Midland boy took a trip of a lifetime. He went across the world for an opportunity to represent the whole Permian Basin.

Bode Bradford is your typical 8 year old boy, camera shy and likes to play rough with friends.

Bode Bradford is your typical 8-year-old boy who is camera shy and likes to play rough with friends.

“What did you like most about France?"


"And when you were over there and you got to race your bike how did that make you feel?

"Awesome,” said Bode.

But unlike other boys his age, his need for speed that sparked five years ago has led him to be the 2019 AMA Loretta Lynn National Champion.

“Ride my dirt bike in France because I was going to race. I won the gold for Team USA,” said Bode.

Team USA competed against 27 different nations in Verdun, France.

Bode rode in the 5-7 class, which means kids were a little bit older than him and he had to use a different bike to race the track.

Team USA did bring home the gold medal from France and Bode’s mom, Kassi Bradford said her son will continue to train for future opportunities to represent the Permian Basin.

“You cannot buy these memories that we are making. He has a lot of natural talent, he works so hard. He trains four days a week, four hours a day, in the heat, in the cold, in the rain. It does not matter. He is out there and he is dedicated,” said Bradford.

This is a family affair, his older brother also competes in motocross and his family even helped make the bike he used in the winning race.

“We are always together as a family and so we choose this sport because that is where their heart and their passion is and we support them 100 percent,” said Bradford.

Bradford said anyone can learn motocross and, clearly, you’re never too young to start.