Midland Meat Company stays consistent with prices and stock through COVID-19

MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) -- Unlike most grocery stores, the Midland Meat Company’s prices have remained steady during the coronavirus pandemic.

John Scharbauer, the owner of Midland Meat Company, says part of that is being adaptable.

“You know we went to drive-thru only for about 45 days, and we were able to use our drive-through and still able to get all our beef out and chicken or whatever we could sell to customers,” Scharbauer said. “We’ve remained open through the whole deal. As a store, it’s affected us more of just changing, just kind of adapting.”

Midland Meat Company is an independent operation that butchers and stocks its supply.

Scharbauer says that’s allowed him to slice through the traditional supply chain.

“When they realize, hey they actually raise this beef. We’re catching a lot of new customers, and it’s nice to see them. You know our prices aren’t going to go up and down with the market. That’s one reason we haven’t raised a price in three-and-a-half, four years.”

As Scharbauer sees an increase in new customers, he believes that knowing where the meat is coming from is a newfound preference.

“People now more than ever want to know what they’re buying, where it’s coming from. They know when they walk in here, at least the beef is here in Texas. So I think that’s going to become, more of for a consumer, a priority. There’s things that we want to continue to keep doing, even though the demand is high to provide for the things that we normally provided for in the city of Midland.”