Midland ISD first day back at school

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) - Summer break may be officially over but new adventures await for students in Midland as they head back to school.

Midland ISD students pack their bags and head to school.

According to Midland Independent School District, approximately 26,000 students across Midland woke up early today excited and nervous to return to school.

For many students this day was easy but for many others hard because it was their very first day of school.

“She went from a daycare to now she is in a whole big school. It is a whole new world for her so I think she will do well but she is a little nervous but more excited,” said Veronica Magallanes a Midland parent dropping her daughter off for the first time.

Starting at 7:45 this morning many parents dropped their young ones off at school for the 2019-2020 school year.

Some parents have been preparing for this day all summer long, picking out the perfect backpacks and folders.

“It was pretty much easy, it was just the emotion of actually seeing her picking out school supplies and picking out the backpack that she wanted for school. It was just a good feeling but it was still a little emotional,” said Magallanes.

Teachers, administrators and support staff have been preparing for the past couple of weeks for students to return.

The principal at Milam Elementary, Iliana Bermea, said her number one recommendation for parents and students, preparation.

“Our biggest recommendation for parents is just encouraging your child to be and become a life-long learner, so that we can develop a true scholar that will be ready for college whenever they are old enough,” said Ms. Bermea.

She also wants to let parents know the first day of school really does set the tone for the rest of the year.

The Midland ISD school year ends on May 22nd, 2020.