Midland ISD begin 'core values training' in hopes of improving entire district

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MIDLAND -- For the past month a group of central office employees have started what they’re calling ‘Core Values Training,’ taking time to look within before looking at the district as a whole.

One Midland ISD administrator tells CBS 7 that is where real change begins.

Ask anyone at Midland ISD, its been a hard week, closing a school and changing boundary lines is kind of hard.
But now, moving forward, you can expect to see some positive change, and it’s all starting at central office.

A morning huddle before starting their busy day, they’re doing it as a team, that’s one visual change you’ll see at central office, but perhaps the most important change is unseen.

“I think we’re stepping up and we’re owning that we know that we haven’t communicated the best we have in the past. We want to make that better,” said Chris Hightower.

Chris Hightower is the Social Studies Director for MISD, he is one of 30 people teaching all central office employees core values.

The idea is to take a look within yourself before you can take a look at the big picture.

Hightower says reality is in the past, there was a disconnect between central office and campuses.

He says this training will give power back to campuses.

“Part of values training is to be more open and have more communication with that and I think that’s something we know we have to do better with,” Hightower explains.

“They feel like we have their back, they’re going to feel like they can do the things we need to do.”

There are 12 core values each administrator has been trained on.
Midland Independent School District got the idea of core values training from Midland Memorial Hospital.

Both entities partnered together along with the Warren Foundation to facilitate the training.

Hightower says after all of central office is trained, they will begin to pass along the values to campuses.