Midland County sets new proposed tax rate

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) - Just last week the Midland County commissioners meet to set their proposed tax rate for the upcoming fiscal year and today they were at the Midland County courthouse setting a new rate for the year.

Midland County Commissioners meet to set new proposed tax rate

Commissioners had to call a special hearing to approve a new proposed rate for the counties property tax for 2019-2020.

They originally set the rate in a previous meeting but due to input error, the actual tax value was $1,000,000 dollars over stated.

Commissioners said the mistake was not bad and it does not equate to that many tax dollars but just enough to address, look, and adjust the tax rate they set last week.

The new proposed tax rate they set today is a preliminary 12.8% which essentially brings in the same amount of tax dollars they originally projected to come into the county.

Midland County Judge, Terry Johnson said this is a good budget and it is needed to be able to keep up with the growth Midland County is and will experience.

Johnson said he wants to put the additional revenue towards fixing roads throughout the county.

“If your roads are in good shape and they are easy to drive on and you are getting from point A to point B safely and effectively. Your taxes are not too high. If your roads are torn up and things are bad and people are getting hurt and equipment tore up your taxes are too high because you are not getting your bang for your buck,” said Johnson.

Commissioners are set to meet next Monday at 9:00 A.M. to discuss their 2019-2020 budget.