Midland Commissioners approve new radios for Precinct 4

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MIDLAND, TX. (KOSA) - Today, Midland County Commissioners approved two radios to be used in Midland County precinct four.

Constable Charles asks the County Commissioners for their approval to fund 2 radios for precinct 4.

And police say, it will make communication easier between the departments.

Before today's approval by the County, communication between the two departments has been very difficult.

That is because of a certain radio system the Odessa Police Department is currently using- making safety an issue for the officers in Midland County.

Constable Charles Hall from precinct 4 in Midland County said the office needs these radios to keep constant communication which will ensure safety for both officers and citizens.

“I needed to get on the radio system with Odessa if I need help or have other issues while I am in Odessa,” said Hall.

Midland County plans on starting with the radios in precinct 4, then they plan on adding more in the future.

Right now, the Odessa Police Department is on a system that is not compatible with other law enforcement systems.

“Safety for the officers that will be using them. The other thing is interoperability you know the communications between the both cities or between the county and city. That really what the goal is by getting the radio,” said Commissioner Luis D. Sanchez.

Sanchez who represents District 3 in Midland said the switch is a good thing for the ever growing communities.

“This is something we need. As midland continues to grow and as Odessa continues to grow especially Odessa moving towards Midland county we want to make sure we have that available for our police officers,” said Sanchez.

The two radios which will be used at precinct 4 will cost $240 per year.