Midland College professor charged with murder

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MIDLAND, Tx. (KOSA) - Odessa Police have arrested and charged a Midland College professor for shooting a man during a traffic argument that later left that man dead.

Midland college tells CBS7 News, Goble teaches health science courses and serves as the Department Chair in Health Sciences for the college.

Midland College Associate Professor, William Goble has been charged with first degree murder after the shooting that occurred on Friday.

Goble's bond is set at $250,000 dollars and he remains in Ector County Jail as of Tuesday evening.

Natasha Triggs lives near Spur Avenue, where the incident happened and said the neighborhood has been quiet since the shooting.

Triggs tells CBS7 News she moved to Odessa from Philadelphia and never thought she would have a shooting happen so close to home.

"Normally it is so quiet here. The fact that this occurred, in the daytime for one. It is crazy. It is really crazy,” said Triggs.

According to the Ector County Sheriff’s Office, 60-year old William Goble shot and killed David Young during a traffic argument.

The family of the victim claims it wasn't road rage.

They said Goble and Young were neighbors and believe Goble was upset Young's son was riding a motorcycle around the neighborhood.

The family claims Goble previously followed the son.

According to the Family. when Young went outside to find out why Goble was upset about the motorcycle, that's when Goble shot him.

According to Midland College, Goble is employed by the school and is currently on paid administration leave pending the investigation.

Midland College tells CBS7 News, Goble teaches health science courses and serves as the Department Chair in Health Sciences for the college.

Triggs said she was alarmed to find out Goble is an educator because teachers should be the ones people can trust the most.

"This was alarming for sure because we have only been here for about a month and my daughter wanted to go out that day and we were just about to let her out until our neighbor knocked on the door and told my husband what happened,” said Triggs.

According to the Ector County Jails website, Goble has been arrested before on two different occasions for public intoxication.

Triggs said this shooting has left residents worried and taking action.

"I just have to make sure now. They have to check in literally every hour I want to know because my son loves to play in the front yard and my daughter loves to ride her bike,” said Triggs.

A GoFund me page has been set up for Young's memorial expenses.


We will bring you more on this investigation as information is released.