Midland Co. Commissioners to talk transport of spent nuclear fuel through county

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MIDLAND - Midland County Commissioners will consider a resolution to allow the transport of high level radioactive waste on rail lines.

According to the agenda, thousands of shipments of radioactive waste would be shipped from Andrews where Waste Control Specialists have proposed to store high level waste in cement and steel canisters on an open air cement pad.

The discussion is likely to be met with opposition from other people in town. David Rosen, the chair of the Midland County Democratic Party, says in a press release that the waste is very deadly and transporting it creates risks of leaks and accidents.

“Each rail car would contain more plutonium than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki,” Rosen writes. “Even a minor radiation release could contaminate 42 square miles of land and clean-up in a downtown area could cost up to $9-billion per square mile.”

A similar resolution was passed unanimously by Bexar County Commissioners last month and the city of San Antonio will soon be discussing this issue.

Also on today’s agenda include:
-Discuss voucher program
-Discuss and take action on downtown library closing for relocation program
-Take action on grandparent foster program
-Discuss and take action on pick-up Midland program

The Downtown Library location will be closed on Monday and Tuesday of next week so that staff can prepare for new shelving. The Centennial Libary will still be open to the public.