Midland City Council wants $25 million loan for water and sewage infrastructure, other projects

MIDLAND -- The $100 million Midland Road Bond, approved by voters in 2017, is not going to be enough to keep up with the growth of the city.

The City of Midland is currently allocating $25 million in bond money per year toward repairs of existing roads and utilities.

Although, Midland City Councilman John Love III said it's not just about fixing the old, but keeping up with the new.

“Midland is growing at an extremely rapid pace," Love said. "City council got briefed and said it was going to cost tens of millions of dollars just to put the infrastructure in to be able to accommodate those new neighborhoods - talking about water, and of course sewer.”

Midland City Council Members voted Tuesday to consider taking out a loan of an additional $25 million, which would be used to fund projects intended to stay in front of growth - specifically in Northeast Midland.

These projects include money for fire stations #5 and #11, extending streets, but most importantly improving the northeast water system and adding to the northeast wastewater system.

Mayor Jerry Morales said it could include some big, new additions to town.

“We need a water tower on the northeast side of Midland that could handle up to 10,000 connections," Morales said. "So, today going after that debt, will help us start the infrastructure work on putting in that water tower.”

It's unclear when the $25 million loan will be officially approved or when the construction will begin in the northeast area.