Midland Animal Shelter seeks funds for a new facility

MIDLAND -- The Midland Animal Shelter is currently home to 45 cats and 75 dogs, but it's looking to build a bigger and better shelter right behind the outdated building on Fairgrounds Rd.

“The current facility was built in the early '80s, and it was geared more toward being a housing facility or pound," Midland Animal Services Manager Leah Lewis said. "Today, we are focusing on being a rescue and adoption center. So, we want to be able to incorporate all of our goals into what we envision for animal services.”

The 18,000-square-foot design is predicted to hold up to almost double the number of cats and dogs, but a new animal shelter in Midland won't just be able to help more pets. Lewis said that it'll benefit the entire community.

“Overall a new facility will just allow for a healthier, more inviting environment," Lewis said.

The new facility will include a vet clinic, and separate healthy animals from those that need to be in isolation.

State-of-the-art kennels will also minimize contact between animals and visitors, which will help prevent diseases from coming through its doors.

Lewis is hopeful an adoption-friendly layout and updated finishes will also help bring in volunteers and encourage more people to adopt.

But they need support from the community to make their dreams a reality.

Lewis asked for funding from the Midland County Commissioners on Monday.

She said the city has already pledged to pay about half of the more than $11 million budget, but needs the other half to come from outside agencies.

“We definitely want to be able to help out the city in projects like these, but at the same time we also need to make sure that these projects benefit Midland County," precinct 3 commissioner Luis Gonzales said.

Commissioners decided to discuss what's best for the community before making any financial commitments.

Lewis said they are in desperate need of a new facility now, and is eager to get going on construction as soon as all the money is raised.