MCH Board President Mary Thompson now walking back announcement that CEO Rick Napper is retiring

Published: May. 4, 2019 at 9:13 PM CDT
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As the polls closed tonight and it appeared that Medical Center Hospital Board President Mary Thompson was going to lose in a landslide to Wallace Dunn, she talked with Ruth Campbell, a reporter at the Odessa American.

She told Campbell, “I do hate it that (President and CEO Rick) Napper is going to retire because that’s going to leave a big void in the hospital. But the hospital will carry on and it’s a wonderful hospital and I can be nothing but proud of my 29 years of service,”

But just minutes later, she did a complete reversal, telling us that she misspoke. Napper would retire eventually, but he's not retiring now - and when he does, he'll make that announcement.

When told that this proves how dysfunctional the hospital board is, she said, "Yeah, you're right. The board is pretty dysfunctional right now."

Rumors have swirled around MCH and Napper for months. The board met Thursday night to discuss them. Board member Don Hallmark said afterward that they are all not true. But, the meeting apparently got out of hand. Board member Bryn Dodd left the meeting early in tears, saying Thomspon couldn't keep other members in line. Hallmark called Ben Quiroz and ass after the meeting.

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