Mayor Turner reveals priorities for Odessa

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ODESSA -- During Odessa’s state of the city address, Mayor David Turner focused on the future of Downtown Odessa and the safety of the city.

“We see the wrecks,” reflected Mayor Turner. “One of my biggest concerns is the severity of the wrecks and what it’s doing to our fire fighters and our police officers. We’re seeing wrecks that are unprecedented. We want to make sure our firemen and our police officers are being taken care of, if it becomes too much."

In 2017, the city responded to just under 20 thousand calls. This year, they are projected to reach more than 22 thousand.

So now the mayor is taking action.

"I’ve proposed to help with counseling for our firemen, but we also need to give them the help they need,” he said. “We need more fire stations. We need to be able to have things where an officer has seen too much, that someone can help them there’s nothing wrong with saying - I’m not okay.”

The mayor also focused on a new vision for the city, including taking action on buildings that haven't been taken care of.

"We’re offering avenues to help them - put a business in there, but some people say I’m not going to do anything - we put in an ordinance saying, ‘you will maintain your building, you will paint it, if the windows are brown you’ll fix the windows.”

With all the changes going on in the city, 5 years down the road, mayor turner tell us you won't recognize Odessa.

"Cities either adapt or become irrelevant,” said the mayor. “I don’t want Odessa to become irrelevant and I feel very good about the path we’re on.”

Mayor Turner wants to be more ‘millennial friendly’ and is excited to launch the “Our Odessa” app.