Marine Vet Walking Cross-Country Stops in Midland

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Midland-- One marine veteran is trekking from coast-to-coast all to honor those who put their lives on the line every day.

The marine made a stop in Midland Tuesday which also marks the 107th day that Marine Seargent Larry Hinkle has been on his journey.

From Loop 250 all the way to I-20 and everywhere in between Hinkle plans to stop and visit with veterans and first responders every chance he gets.

Many people have stopped in curiosity of his cause. But for former Marine Sergeant Hinkle it's simple: Serving those who've served, and honoring American freedom.

Hinkle started his cross-country trek on April 3rd from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

He plans to finish his journey in Camp Pendleton in California, which is where his career began.

Hinkle's current goal is to walk at least 100 miles every week. By the time he reaches the finish line he will have traveled over 2,600 miles.

On Fridays he treats veterans to a tasty lunch. And this Friday you can catch him at KD's Barbecue at 5pm.

To support Larry Hinkle and the Phase Line Organization you go to their Facebook Page or Website .